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Discussions related to the Covenant Eyes app for Android™

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The streaming wars are underway! Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, and so on – everyone is trying to get a “piece of the pie”! However, to protect their copyrighted material, streaming services do one of the following:

  • when screen casting is being... (More)

The Covenant Eyes app for Android™ App Locking feature gives you the ability to lock down specific apps. It blocks the user of the device from opening and using certain apps. If you are a parent, it’s recommended you enable... (More)

The Covenant Eyes app will be visible on the Android device. Look for either the “eye”-con at the top (by the time) or the app icon.
*If neither symbol is visible, go to the Google Play Store and search for... (More)

If, while using Covenant Eyes for Android™, you find yourself unable to get online, here are a few questions you can answer to identify the problem and get back to browsing:

Is it a block page or is it not... (More)