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Daniel M
Member Care Agent
Asked a question last year

Will Covenant Eyes interfere with the Tax Software on my computer?

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With Tax Season upon us now many folks will be doing their taxes from home with programs like Quicken, Turbotax, and others. As a general rule, an up to date version of Covenant Eyes should not impact this software by default. That being said, in case that ever does happen to you we wanted to share some general steps that you can take to resolve the issue. 

  1. Make sure your custom block list doesn't include sites connected to your tax software. You can learn how to add or remove sites from your custom block and allow list here128
  2. Next, you can temporarily disable the filtering component of your service on an account levels to see if our filter is conflicting with your tax program. After disabling the filter be sure to refresh the Covenant Eyes on your computer. If you are not your own Administrator you will need to have your Administrator disable the filter for you. You can learn how to remove and add filtering to a username on your account here120
  3. If the issue still isn't resolved you can also temporarily uninstall the software from the computer while you complete your taxes. If you are a restricted user, you will need the assistance of your Administrator for this as well. You can learn how to uninstall Covenant Eyes from your computer here122

Of course, you are always welcome to contact our Member Care Team at 989-720-8000 and we will be happy to assist you. 

Thank you. 

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