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Andy R
Member Care Agent
Asked a question 2 years ago

Why can’t I get online on my iPhone® or iPad®?

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If, while using the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone®/iPad®, you find yourself unable to get online, here are a few questions you can answer to identify the problem and get back to browsing:

  1. Are you using Screen Time’s Content Restriction feature? Certain settings in the Web Content section of Screen Time can block web pages and may even conflict with Covenant Eyes.
  2. Is the page being blocked or not loading? We need to determine if you are receiving the Covenant Eyes block page or if you are receiving an error that the page cannot load. 
  3. Are you connected to WiFi or mobile data? Determine if you’re connected to WiFi or mobile data. By switching to the other, you can discover if there is an issue with the former. If you find switching from mobile data to WiFi solves your problem, you may have had a weak signal, a connection too slow to load a web page, a limit on the amount of data your device can use, or Covenant Eyes may not be enabled to use Cellular on your device.
  4. Are you unable to open or use the Covenant Eyes app at all? If you are unable to tap and open the Covenant Eyes app at all, you may have one or more Screen Time settings set up. Review your Screen Time settings (like App Limits, Downtime, and Allowed Apps) to make sure Covenant Eyes isn’t being restricted.