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Daniel M
Member Care Agent
Asked a question 2 years ago

Why can’t I get online? (Android™)

Where am I?

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If, while using Covenant Eyes for Android™, you find yourself unable to get online, here are a few questions you can answer to identify the problem and get back to browsing:

Is it a block page or is it not loading?

The first step is to determine if, while browsing, you are receiving the Covenant Eyes block page (due to your blocking level or your Block list) or if you are receiving an error that the page cannot load (aka no internet). In your browser, test a benign page like to see if you have access to the internet. If you are not receiving a Covenant Eyes block page, and are receiving an error that the page cannot load, then proceed to the next step.

Are you connected to WiFi or data?

Determine if you’re connected to WiFi or data. By switching to the other signal, you can discover if there is an issue with the first signal.

If you find that switching from mobile data to WiFi solves your problem, you may have had a weak signal, a connection too slow to load a web page, or a limit on the amount of data your device can use.

If you find that switching from WiFi to data solves your problem, your router may need to be rebooted or you may have controls on your network that are not allowing you to access the internet.

Are you unable to open your browser altogether?

If none of these criteria fit your situation and you instead find that you receive a request for a four-digit code when opening your browser, the Covenant Eyes App Locking feature may be enabled.

It is common for a members’ ally to set up App Locking on the device to provide enhanced protection by disabling certain apps. If you do not know the four-digit code, speak with your ally about enabling your browser in App Locking feature of the Covenant Eyes app.

Still unable to get online?

If you’re unable to get online after walking through these steps, please contact Member Care.61