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Asked a question 26 days ago

Which URLs should I add to the list of domains/websites blocked to have Snapchat prohibited? Maybe the relevant URLs can be added to this post:

Where am I?

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Hi Richard, 

Thank you for posting in the forum! To answer your question: 

  1. Add these Snapchat domains into the Block List179 to block Snapchat's website: 
  2. If you don't want the member to have access to the Snapchat app on a mobile device, follow these steps:
        For an iPhone® or iPad®: Enable Apple's free parental controls, called Screen Time, and disable the member's ability to install apps171.
        For an Android™ phone or tablet: Enable App Locking via the Covenant Eyes app170, and then lock and block the Snapchat app.

Also, I will personally look into updating the Blocking Social Media176 support article with Snapchat's domains!