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Robert B
Member Care Agent
Asked a question 9 months ago

What's up with iOS 14 connection issues?

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Glad you asked, Robert! 

Over the past few months, we've heard various reports from our members that after updating to iOS14, they began experiencing significant connectivity issues on iPhones and iPads.  These were issues that did not show up in either our own testing or member testing of the iOS14 beta releases. 

Investigation of these initial reports seemed to point toward specific cellular carriers, that resulted in members having problems getting any data on their cell connections. Continued investigation efforts actually proved that there was in fact an issue with users on a specific cellular carrier, and we began working with them to identify the root cause. As the time went on though, we also heard reports of intermittent WiFi issues, regardless of carrier.

These issues have varied widely in both their impact and time, lasting from a few seconds, to minutes, and in some cases...hours.  For some users these issues happen regularly and others only occasionally.  And, strangely, many users don't experience any of these issues at all.

So what has Covenant Eyes been doing about it?

We've spent this time going through the app, as well as iOS 14 itself, with a fine tooth comb, trying to find what nuanced changes have occurred that could cause a problem like this.  That effort pointed to a number of possible issues, ranging from bugs within the OS to changes with cellular carriers, and even some bugs in our own code.  

In that process we found a number of possible recovery steps for many of these issues.  This article493 has more detail on those possible recovery steps if you run into any of these problems.

The reality is, however, that for some members these are not solutions.  For those, these are merely temporary fixes.  This isn't good enough for them.  It's not good enough for us.  We have various bug reports and incident tickets in with Apple and various cellular carriers. What has become apparent in all of that effort is that there are a number of very different issues, but all of them likely caused, exposed, or exacerbated by the update to iOS14. Thus we also started investigating what we need to do differently in a new iOS14 landscape.

As it turns out, there appears to be a potential breakthrough on that front! Sometimes the best innovation comes from trying to solve difficult, complex issues.  There is new technology made available in iOS14 we believe we can leverage to not only solve the iOS14 VPN connection issues, but maybe even improve on the the app and the VPN functionality. It is still early, and certainly a work in progress, but we are very optimistic.

Stay tuned for more updates as more information is available. 

Thank you so much for your patience on this strange issue.  And, as always, thank you for your partnership in making our technological world a safer place to live.