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Daniel M
Member Care Agent
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Unmonitored Screen Activity? (Android™)

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Screen Accountability™ is a big step forward for accountability, but it has a caveat when it comes to Android™ devices. Our system detects when a member is using private browsing on an Android phone or tablet. But our app is unable to take screenshots inside a private web browser.

To counteract this, our system reports any use of private browsing on an Android device. When private browsing has been detected, the next report email will automatically include “Review is Recommended for…” in the subject line. Furthermore, when private browsing (a.k.a. incognito mode) has been used, an “Unmonitored Screen Activity” entry will appear in the next report (see the example below). Because private browsing is designed to ensure nothing from an online session is logged in a person’s browser history or search history, it’s important that allies know when it’s being used.

We advise members to avoid any form of “going incognito.” Use of a privacy mode is automatically noted in the report and includes details about the browser, device and time frame. And allies, while being supportive, will consider why the member would try to conceal some online activity.