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Asked a question 2 years ago

This is fairly technical question. Can CE be used in conjunction with a Pi-hole server ( This server is basically a DNS server that can block many categories of websites including advertising domains which is why I am interested in it. What I would like is for CE to do its domain filtering and then pass the request to the Pi-hole server which would be the DHCP configured DNS server for the network. Another way to phrase the question is, after CE does its DNS filtering does it the forward the request to the DHCP configured DNS server or does it fulfill the request with its own DNS server somewhere on the Internet?

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I appreciate your question and your goal! The answer is (as you probably suspected), it depends. You'll notice the nuance in these details.

  • On Mac, when Covenant Eyes® chooses to not block a domain, the Mac client respects the device’s DNS settings, whatever they are set to.
  • Windows uses CleanBrowsing to resolve the DNS request. If CleanBrowsing fails to resolve it, then the client falls back to the system defined DNS server.
  • When using WiFi, our mobile apps should fallback to the DHCP-assigned DNS.

And, as you'd expect, all of those details are subject to change. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks again for reaching out!

Andy R

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