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Asked a question last year

so im having trouble locking down google. im unable to access my gmail nor my documents on google drive when i block it. does anyone know of a way around this? im talking about a way to still access gmail & google drive with google search locked down. if not maybe alternative ways to access it, like sure i could open a new email account outside google but then comes the issue of notifying my hundreds of emails contacts of that then using an alternate cloud drive service. sure there's stuff like dropbox out there but how do i transfer all my documents there from drive? all advices are appreciated for im pretty stuck.

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Hi Dan. Thanks again for your question. This seems to be very similar to another question you recently asked. I'll share some of the same information from my previous answer. While some folks do indeed find it necessary we don't usually recommend blocking Google as you will run into the issues that you are describing. Blocking Google also blocks Google Services like Gmail, Google Docs/Drive, and other similar services. Now, this isn't to say that you cannot block Google or are not allowed to do so. You certainly can. Just be aware that you will run into these issues. You could always have your Filter Guardian add specific domains for Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, and other similar Google services to your allow list to see if that allows access to those specific sites. Just be aware that with Google on your block list it still may not work.