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Asked a question 11 months ago

Reccently tried to share my screen on a MS Teams call while tutoring (Android) and the CE screen share notification popped up, prompting me to allow CE screen viewing. Accepting this then ended the Teams screen share, and I ended up being unable to share my notes. Is there any known fix for this? I really appreciate CE's services - but unfortunately in this case screen viewing seems to be preventing me from doing my job.

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Thanks for reaching out, Joshua! There unfortunately isn't a fix for this. Our app does require the use of Android's Screen Casting feature in order to take screenshots for the reports. Android devices only allow one instance of Screen Casting at a time, which is why a notification popped up to allow Covenant Eyes when you tried to share your screen in the Microsoft Teams call. Sharing the screen also would require the use of Screen Casting.

I do apologize for the inconvenience with this. The only work around would be to uninstall our app if you're needing to share your screen for work. I do see the complication in this and I will definitely pass it along to our developers!