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Asked a question 2 months ago

My latest report of my iPhone says "No Screenshots Taken We detected activity on this device, but no screenshots were taken. We can’t take screenshots outside of the Covenant Eyes browser app on iOS devices." I get the same message when I run a report manually from the website. However, on my app it says 15 screenshots were analyzed in the last 60 minutes. The Victory app doesn't show any screen shots for my iPhone. I don't use any other browser and use the CE browser daily. I'm on v6.1.0 and no update is available beyond that. How do I resolve this issue?

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Hello Kevin. 

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry for that frustration regarding the lack of screenshots. After speaking with my other techs they recommended a few different courses of action. First, let's have you tap on 'Switch User' on the Covenant Eyes app of that iPhone® and then exit out of it without actually switching users. We have seen this clear that particular issue in the past. If doing so does not clear that issue and the next day's report does not include screenshots for the iPhone then I would next encourage you to send in logs through the Covenant Eyes app on iPhone. I'll actually be submitting a ticket to my developers so that they can track this issue. So if you do submit logs our developers will be able to pair them to my ticket for this issue. 

After that, I would recommend checking your Screen Time Restrictions. If you haven't made any recent changes this shouldn't cause any issues but you can always test this by temporarily disabling your Screen Time Restrictions if you have any enabled. I'll actually include an article that walks you through Screen Time on the iPhone in case that would be helpful. You can find that article here21

Finally, if none of these recommendations resolve the issue and you have the capability I would recommend a temporary uninstall of the Covenant Eyes app, a restart of the phone, and then a fresh reinstall and sign in from the app store. 

Thank you and let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.