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Asked a question 2 years ago

My ally has a lot of blocked websites on the report from his iOS devices. Does this mean that the ally has accessed the website in a different browser? Is it possible that this website gets flagged from an add or photo that pops up on a non-porn related site? Can these websites be flagged/blocked from browser history without actually going to the site? The ally is maintaining that they are not accessing these websites. To me it seems like they are being dishonest, but I want to be sure that this isn't a technical error with the software.

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Hello Walker. Thanks for your question. The mobile background data section is meant to show highly mature domains in apps other than the Covenant Eyes® app on an iOS device. We will flag any domains that are detected as highly mature. These can be websites that are actually searched for and accessed. But they can also be ads or pop ups that play or load in the background of other apps or websites on another browser and that were not intentionally accessed in any way. If the flagged sites are showing as blocked then that thankfully means they were blocked from appearing but were still detected. Our software cannot measure intent so I cannot determine if your Ally is being honest or not but hopefully this provides you with some additional insight. If you have any further questions just let us know. Thanks and have a great day.