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Asked a question 6 months ago

Just to give an update to developers. I posted on the apple app store that I still needed to refresh my VPN periodically with the March 7th ios update of Covenant Eyes. They responded saying I could try a different version of Covenant Eyes. I went through the steps and downloaded testflight beta version of Covenant Eyes. I noticed that it said that people with US Cellular (I think) were having most of they connectivity issues. I just wanted to let the developers know that I have Xfinity Mobile, and I still had connectivity issues (not on the testfligh beta version). I will repost in a week whether I am still having issues with the new version I updated to. Anybody else have Xfinity Mobile? I think they are not used as much.

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Hi Andrew. Thank you very much for this informative update. I will let my developers know. And yes please do update us on whether or not you are having success with the testflight beta version. If anything else comes up or if you have any other questions be sure to let us know. Thanks again for your patience and willingness to work with us on this and have a great day. 

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