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Asked a question 24 days ago

It came up on a message repot that said no screen shots taken saying that iam not useing the covenant browser when its the only browser i have

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Hello again Larry.

Thanks for that clarification. That particular message occurs when Covenant Eyes is installed and active on the device but no screen shots have been taken or sent to our server for the reporting period. 

Your previous message stated that the Covenant Eyes browser was the only browser installed on the device. Do you actively and regularly use it or does the browser sometimes go unused? I ask this specifically because while the app while still monitor outside of the browser, it can only take screenshots inside of the Covenant Eyes browser. So the app can be installed and actively monitoring the device but unless the app is accessed and used as a browser during the reporting period then no screenshots would appear. 

If you are using the app as a browser every day and screenshots still are not appearing then something else may be the issue. If that is the case then I might recommend a temporary uninstall and reinstall of the app for good measure. 

If you have any other questions just let us know. Have a great rest of your day. 

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