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Asked a question 2 years ago

Is there a way to force all in-app browsers to use CE? Currently, ringcentral, spotify, Alfred Camera App, and google maps all seem to allow you to browse inside the application on a mini-browser running off safari. I have CE set as my default browser, but this still persists. Is there a way to prevent these mini-browsers from opening or force them to use covenant eyes?

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Thanks for your question Nate. If you have already set Covenant Eyes® as your default browser then that is just about all you can do in this situation - short of disabling or deleting any other apps that would be a temptation. Those other apps will often come with their own in-app mini-browser as you have seen. We are, sadly, not afforded the authority by Apple to control how those other apps or their mini-browsers operate. If that Apple policy ever changes we will likely be the first app on your phone to let you know. Thanks again for your question and if there is anything else we can do just let us know. 

I’ve found the most helpful thing (in iOS) is to copy the link that opens up an in app browser and then add that to your block list in screen time controls. This stops the in app browser from opening. I do this with all new apps I download. As I’m sure you know most apps have similar ways of opening in app browsers which I won’t list here for the benefit of others, so go through your apps and do this exercise with all of them, makes my iOS devices perfectly safe.