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Asked a question last year

Is it 1) known to be an issue that Covenant Eyes hinders any other screen sharing, 2) is there any way to address it? (For example: on Android, you cannot screen cast to another display while using CE, or use apps like TeamViewer for managing a mobile device with CE, because in both cases, after the initial connection, it essentially freezes on the second display, or wherever you were casting or sharing your screen to). Only removing CE from the device restores this function to normal. I assume because a device cannot cast to multiple sources simultaneously?

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Hello Mark. 

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately it is indeed a known issue that Covenant Eyes does prevent screen sharing or casting on Android. While our app is installed it will maintain it's hold on screen casting as that is how we are able to ensure Screen Accountability on the device. 

And you are correct. A device cannot cast multiple sources simultaneously. While Covenant Eyes is installed on an Android™ that device cannot use its normally screen casting feature and for that I do apologize. 

Thank you again for your question and have a great rest of your day.