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Asked a question 11 months ago

iOS 15 Safari Extension. I also commented on another question someone else asked a while ago, but I realized this is the proper format to add a new question. Is there an iOS Safari extension (with or without screen accountability) in the works? That would be great, especially if screen accountability could be possible! But even standard reports for activity within Safari would be a welcome improvement. If not, is there any plan to give the CE browser more of Safari's layout and features? That would also be great. Thank you for your time and the service you provide.

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Thanks for the post, Kaleb! I unfortunately don't have any kind of update/new information about a Covenant Eyes iOS extension. It's been brought up a few times in the forum here and each time I have passed the idea to our developers! Having something like that would definitely be a game changer!

As far as a plan to make the Covenant Eyes app more similar to Safari, we do our best to keep the same kind of layout Safari currently has, while also including some of the necessary Covenant Eyes features. Were there any specific layouts/features from Safari that you could think of? I would be happy to share your feedback!