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Asked a question 4 months ago

I wanted to ask/suggest a couple of things for the iOS app. Would it be possible to have options to disable images/javascript on websites? I do this combo on chrome when I want to access a news website but don't want to see anything that might be inappropriate from the front page (entertainment articles with not so good photos/videos). Also would the team consider enabling the browser to be used with Siri shortcuts? Just thought I would ask these things as well as any updates on if there will be any changes made to make the browser more like Safari (address bar located at the bottom etc). Thanks!

Where am I?

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Hello Chad. 

Thanks for your question/suggestion. I will happily share your suggestions with my developers. There are some good ideas in here. 

Unfortunately I don't have any announcements or updates to share with you at this time regarding the Covenant Eyes browser app on iOS devices. 

Thank you and have a great rest of your day.