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Asked a question last year

I recently had to roll back my windows 10 PC to a previous restore point. This restore point was from before I installed Covenant Eyes. Now when I try to reinstall Covenant Eyes I get an odd installer error: Feature:Program Files, Component: Help Files, Files: (blank), Error: Access is Denied. I have cleared the registry, I have run AV scans. There does not appear to be any issues. I can uninstall and install programs no problem. Just not CE.

Where am I?

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Hi Eduardo, 

Thank you for reaching out in this forum! We've seen this error on Windows and know how to resolve it, but it requires some in-depth technical assistance. I'd recommend that you contact us via phone or online chat so we can help you resolve this:

  1. Phone: 989.720.8000.
  2. Online chat: click this link41, scroll down, and select "Chat Now" 

We are available Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 6:45 p.m. (ET), Saturday 10 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. (ET), and we're closed Sunday.