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Asked a question 8 months ago

I noticed that Bookmarks are shared across devices using the CE app with the same user account! That is so awesome! 👍🏻 Thank you for the work you guys do! One thing I was curious about is whether the CE app is supposed to support airdrop web page sharing? Universal Clipboard allows me to copy the page link on one device and paste it on another. Handoff doesn’t seem to be supported by the CE app, though many other third party apps I use don’t support it either, so no worries. 👍🏻

Where am I?

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Hello Kaleb. 

Thanks for your question. I'm glad to hear you have been able to utilize the Bookmarks feature. I was able to confirm with my developers that Airdrop does indeed work in our browser but that Handoff may not. I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. 

Thank you again and have a great day.