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Asked a question 22 days ago

I noticed Covenant Eyes screen monitoring is now available for Safari on iPhones and tablets. This is huge for me because I know Apple has always had concerns about user’s safety. This may mean Apple is beginning to trust CE more and if so, does anyone think Apple will allow CE to block factory resets of iPhones and tablets? This has been my most recent struggle. I have my iPad locked away at the moment to keep me from doing this.

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Hi Tom,

I'd wait and see what Covenant Eyes has to say, but, if you have someone set up Screen Time settings with a PIN, you would have to enter that PIN in order to factory reset your iPad. Basically if you go to the factory reset process, it will prompt you for that screen time PIN/passcode.

Hello Tom. 

Thanks for your question and observation. And yes I agree, Covenant Eyes being able to screen monitor within the Safari browser app on iOS devices is a fantastic change. In case you wanted or needed any help getting that set up on your iOS device I will include a link to an article that walks you through it. That article can be found here13

If there is anything else we can do to help please let us know. Thanks again and have a great rest of your day.