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Asked a question 2 years ago

I notice that SafeSearch is enabled and the Filter Explicit Content option is selected whenever I navigate to Google, except when I open a private window in Safari (14.0.1) on my Mac (11.0.1). There, it says that SafeSearch is On, but Filter Explicit Content is not selected, meaning that Google Image searches can return explicit content from websites even if a website is blocked. Is there a way to enforce Filter Explicit Content on Safari private windows, or do I need to find another solution to get around this hole in the filtering?

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Hi Brandon,

Thanks for posting! Our filter on Mac is device-wide. This means we should enforce SafeSearch across all browsers, regardless if you're in a Private Window. If SafeSearch is not working in a Private Window, check what version of Covenant Eyes you are running. If you are not running the latest version, uninstall Covenant Eyes185 and re-install66

You can also use an alternative search engine that doesn't have any image results. A popular search engine with no image results is gopher.com212. If you want to use Gopher instead of Google, add google.com70 to your Custom Website List89 and then set gopher.com245 as your default search engine.

I hope this helps,