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Asked a question last month

I'm unable to access the Apple developer API endpoints, for some reason. Why would that be the case? I've confirmed that I can hit these endpoints on other computers that don't have Covenant Eyes. (POST Error: read ECONNRESET (POST

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Hello Joe. 

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry you are experiencing this issue. I'm honestly not sure why they would be blocked. They certainly shouldn't be. Also does it happen on every device that Covenant Eyes is installed on or just one? Also, with permission or assistance from your filter guardian we could temporarily remove your filter to see if the endpoints are still being blocked with Covenant Eyes installed and filtering disabled. If you have the time I might recommend calling in to our Member Care Team so they can investigate the issue for you. They can be reached at 989-720-8000 or through the chat feature available on our main site. 

Thank you and have a great rest of your day.