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Asked a question last year

I'm not happy with this so far and the only reason being is that my phone wont connect to the internet about 50% of the time. I have refreshed my settings in CE and restarted my internet. It seems like the VPN is the culprit. Can I still use CE without the VPN?

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Hello Zachary. I'm sorry to hear about that. Not being able to connect to the internet about 50% of the time is definitely not ideal and shouldn't be happening. Does it seem to happen on data, WiFi, or both? Are there any other apps that either use the VPN on your phone or are used for filtering or accountability? How long has this been happening? Has it happened since the software was installed? If not, when did it seem to start? What kind of a mobile device do you have? Is it an iPhone® or an Android™ device? 

I am of course more than happy to troubleshoot this with you here on the forum. If you would prefer to solve this issue in real time then I would also recommend giving our Member Care department a call. They can be reached at 989-720-8000. 

Thank you and have a great rest of your day.