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Asked a question 3 months ago

I’m not able to connect to airlines WiFi in air…the free services don’t link to the internet until you first validate on their in plane service so CE VPN can’t connect so it prevents using onboard WiFi. Several years ago there was a 1-3 minute delay before CE would authenticate so users could get thru the initial provider authentication before it tried to get to CE … which allowed using these 3rd party services. I tried turning off VPN but it turns back on in about 15 seconds so I can’t get thru the airline validation screens in time before it freezes/locks up. Any way around this with a temporary disable?

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Hi Scott, 

Thank you for posting here in our online help forum! Most in-flight WiFi providers block VPNs. They also block a specific connection that our app uses. 

I'm sorry that this technical impasse is impacting you. Unfortunately, there isn't a work-around for this issue (other than uninstalling Covenant Eyes, connecting to the WiFi, and then re-installing). We also can't slow the start-up time for our VPN (because it would weaken our ability to monitor the device). 

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