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Asked a question 11 months ago

I'm having problems with bookmarks saving or deleting properly in the CE browser. I'm running the most up-to-date version of iOS and the CE browser app. When I add a bookmark, it saves initially, but then after refreshing the browser or closing it out of the app drawer, the bookmark is gone. I've checked for iCloud syncing, and while the app is checked in iCloud to sync, and it's checked under the app listings to sync as well, it doesn't sync when you manually activate the sync icon in the bookmarks. Help!

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 Hi, Geoff!

Thank you for reaching out! So it sounds like you're having difficulty saving a new bookmark in our iOS browser. First, I'd recommend checking that "iCloud Backup" is enabled under the Covenant Eyes app in Settings:

  1. Open up your iPhone's "Settings" app 
  2. Scroll down in Settings until you see "Covenant Eyes" and tap it
  3. Make sure the toggle switch is on for "iCloud Backup"
Settings app > Covenant Eyes > iCloud Backup
Settings app > Covenant Eyes > iCloud Backup

I hope this helps,