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Asked a question 2 months ago

I'm having an issue setting up my Covenant Eyes app on Android. I was in the middle of the setup process and had just given the app administrator permissions when it started appearing on top and saying something along the lines of "to continue setup, you need to enable the VPN in the next page". The problem with this was that the button to move on to the next page wouldn't work, and every time I clicked out or minimized, it would switch back to the page within a couple seconds. I had to painstakingly disable admin permissions and uninstall the app, because it rendered my phone literally useless. I really do want to use this app and be held accountable as soon as possible.

Where am I?

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Hello Josiah. 

Thanks for your question and I'm very sorry to hear that you are experiencing that issue. I'm going to give you a series of directions in the hopes of getting around whatever was causing that page in the setup process to not function as intended - resulting in you being stuck in that frustrating loop. If Covenant Eyes is currently uninstalled then let's have you restart the phone and then reinstall fresh from the website. When the download and install are complete let's follow these steps. 

  1. After you have installed Covenant Eyes from the website, close the browser app without opening Covenant Eyes.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. In the Settings App, scroll down to and select Biometrics and Security. Exact name may vary depending on your Android version.
  4. Under Biometrics and Security, scroll down to and select the Other security settings option.
  5. You should see the option for Device admin apps. Tap that option to continue.
  6. On the Device admin apps page, if Covenant Eyes is not selected, tap the app.
  7. Select the Activate button at the bottom of the Activate device admin app page. When you have completed this, go back to the Settings menu.
  8. Back at the Settings menu, scroll down to and tap the Accessibility option.
  9. At the bottom of the page you will want to select the Installed services option.
  10. Under Installed services you should see Covenant Eyes. Tap the Covenant Eyes app and move the Accessibility switch to the On position.
  11. The Android OS should ask you to confirm you wish to allow Covenant Eyes to have Accessibility access. Tap the OK button and the switch should indicate access has been granted.
  12. Covenant Eyes should prompt you to sign in to the app. Enter your Covenant Eyes username and password and tap the Sign In button.
  13. When you get signed in, Covenant Eyes should prompt you to go through the remaining steps to the install process.
  14. At the Appear on top window, flip the Allow permission switch to the On position.
  15. At the VPN Required page, tap the green arrow to continue.
  16. The Android OS will ask you to confirm you would to activate the VPN. Tap the OK button. Because we have already confirmed so most of the other permissions for Covenant Eyes previously the VPN should be allowed without a problem. 
  17. With the VPN active, you may get the Usage Access Required page. If not then ignore this step. You will need to press the green arrow button.
  18. The installer should bring you to the Usage data access page. Tap the Covenant Eyes option and move Allow usage tracking switch to the On position.
  19. When the Enable Screen Casting page comes up, tap the green arrow to continue.
  20. The Android OS should prompt you to confirm you wish to allow Covenant Eyes screen casting permission. Press the Don't show again bubble and press Start now. At this point Covenant Eyes be protecting your Android device.

Thank you for your patience in reading this far. This is indeed a lot of steps. Normally the app would take you through everything automatically but for some reason your setup process is being stopped on that Android device. If your issue is what I believe it to be based on your description then this should allow you to complete the setup process and use Covenant Eyes. If for any reason it still gives you issues I might recommend contacting our member care team so that they can assist you more quickly. They can be reached at 989-720-8000 or by chatting on our website. 

Thank you and have a great rest of your day. 

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