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Asked a question last year

I keep having connectivities issues with a MacBook Air early 2020 running Big Sur 11.4. It either takes 5-10 minutes to connect to the internet or does not do so at all. I uninstalled, reinstalled, called for support (and received great service!) during which I provided as much info as I could about the issue and did a debug log. I rely on my computer and am curious if anyone else is having issues or if there is a patch coming soon for this - or if it is something on my computer (I haven't downloaded anything lately). Thanks!

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Andy R
Member Care Agent

Hello Jeremy, 

Thank you for reaching out! I’m sorry you’re experiencing an issue on your MacBook. I have just a few questions that can help us figure out what's going on:

Are you able to recreate this on your own? If so, how do you recreate it? When this issue occurs, are they any error messages that pop up? If they are Covenant Eyes errors, they would start with the letter ‘M’, followed by three numbers.