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Asked a question last year

I have some feature requests for Covenant Eyes on mobile platforms (iOS, iPadOS, Android)…. 1. Dark Mode, self-explanatory would love to see this modern feature implemented into Covenant Eyes iOS browser. 2. Multi-window support. This is for ipadOS, it can often be limiting to not be able to have two windows if Covenant Eyes open. 3. Notification of VPN disconnect. This is a big one for purity. If the user deletes the VPN in the settings, they can explore other websites without it notifying the accountability partner. What would be perfect is if the app would tell the accountability partner when the use disconnects or deletes the VPN, much like with the desktop app when it is installed. 4. Reading Mode for iOS.

Where am I?

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Hello Jason. 

Thank you for taking the time to submit these feature requests. They make good sense and would be beneficial. While I can't comment on the feasibility of any specific feature request, I will be happily sending each of these requests to my developers. They regularly read feedback like this to determine what our members would like to see most. So thank you for giving us this excellent feedback. 

Have a great rest of your day.