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Asked a question 8 months ago

I have searched through every filtering software offered and have yet to find one key feature that I think would be a game changer. I work on my computer all day and, as such, put myself at risk. Every filtering service I've used will often filter out very common and safe sites because of a meta keyword in the code or on the site. This is fine, but I would love the ability to: 1. Immediately request access to the site from my accountability partner. 2. For them to receive a TEXT (vs. have to log in to a site) to notify them of my request so they can access wherever they are and I can get back to work. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS in your next update. I would not only purchase your service but be its biggest advocate. Thank you for all you do to help build the kingdom - amazing work!!

Where am I?

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Thanks for reaching out, Mark! Those are both great requests! I'll pass along these ideas to our developers for you!