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Asked a question last year

I have had a few technical issues with my Covenant Eyes. I have had no screenshots taken for a day even though I used the CE browser throughout the day and in my report today I had a website in the mobile background date show it was blocked. But I did not search that site. Any explanation to these issues?

Where am I?

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Hi Eric! 

Thanks for posting! I can help you with this. Here are some reasons for our app's behavior:

  • You are signed into the app with the wrong username: Covenant Eyes attaches activity to the username that is signed into the app (i.e. Allison’s username is signed in to the Covenant Eyes app on John’s phone, so John's phone activity will appear on Allison’s report). For device-specific instructions about changing who is signed into the app, read How do I switch the username that is signed into Covenant Eyes?50
  • Something on your iPhone® is conflicting with our app: If there is a conflicting app, parental controls, or VPN present, our app won't work properly. Review our list of items that conflict with our iPhone® app110 and then check your device.
  • The app is not working properly due to an update: The Covenant Eyes iPhone® app should run smoothly on your phone once it's installed. However, if you/your phone install a large operating system (iOS) update, that can cause our app to not work properly. To resolve this, uninstall the app37 and reinstall it54.

I hope this helps,


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