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Asked a question 19 days ago

I have a child who has a laptop from school, and as far as I know I cannot install things unless I'm an admin, so I cannot install CE. So, I am using Cleanbrowsing at the router level. However, for one of his classes he has a remote machine (forget the program, but it's something along the lines of Citrix), that bypasses the router controls, and I am not able to install anything on that. Only solution I have is a low-tech one, basically ensure he's on his computer out in the open. Is there any technological solution - either installing CE for only the current user and maybe bypassing admin protections, or some other tech solution?

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Hello Chance. 

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, after speaking with some other techs I can confirm that there isn't much we can do or suggest for a device that is locked behind a third party like a school administrator or an employer's IT department. Having his computer out in the open is definitely a help. If you haven't already done so I might recommend reaching out to his school to see if they might be open to installing accountability software on the device. They may also have their own filter that's being enforced on their end as well. 

Thanks again for your question and I wish I had a more actionable solution for you Chance. Let us know if there is anything else we can assist with. Have a great rest of your day.