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Asked a question 2 years ago

I am an ally and on the report email the list of "Devices" is constantly changing from 4 devices to 1 device and sometimes having the same device listed twice. Is the software still working on all of the devices if they are not listed on the report? Does this indicate that the software has been tampered with or deleted?

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Thanks for your question Walker. I have a few clarifying questions for you. First, do you know how many devices your Ally actually has the service installed on? Is 4 too many? Is 1 not enough? Also, how often do they use their devices? As an example, if they have Covenant Eyes® installed on 2 devices - one being a phone and the other being a tablet or computer - and one is used every day while the other is only activated and used a couple times a week then that can also account for a discrepancy in the number of devices. Additionally have they recently updated their operating system on any of those devices? When an update occurs the software will often see it as two separate devices instead of one device with two different operating systems. 

If these questions don't shed any light on the situation and the person that you are an ally for maintains that they are not deleting and reinstalling the app then I might suggest having them call in or chat with us so we can investigate their devices with them in order to make sure that they are properly installed and reporting correctly.