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Asked a question last year

How does Covenant Eyes on the iPad work? Is it like Safari on the iPad, or is the user interface the same as on the iPhone? I'm considering getting an iPad, and I couldn't find any screenshots of Covenant Eyes running on an iPad, so I was just curious. As an aside, I see the iPad runs the desktop version of Safari, so does that mean the Covenant Eyes plugin for the desktop version of Safari from MacOS would work on the iPad? Or is it incompatible?

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Hi Kaleb, 

Thank you for posting! You have some really good questions about our iPhone®/iPad® app. Here are the basics: 

  • Covenant Eyes works the same on iPhone®/iPad®.
  • Covenant Eyes provides thorough accountability for iPhone®/iPad® with: Screen Accountability within the Covenant Eyes browser app, domain (website) monitoring across the rest of the device, and filtering across all apps and browsers.
  • Covenant Eyes only takes screenshots inside of our browser app on iPhone®/iPad®. So if you’re not using the Covenant Eyes app as your default browser, there won’t be any screenshots from your iPhone®/iPad® on your report.

We actually have an entire support article about our iPhone®/iPad® app that you can read for more information: How does the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone® work?553