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Daniel M
Member Care Agent
Asked a question 2 years ago

How do I know that Covenant Eyes is working properly on Windows?

Where am I?

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On most Windows computers, you will find Covenant Eyes in the Hidden Icons area. Click the white, up-pointing arrow (^) to view the Hidden Icons. Hovering over the blue, Covenant Eyes icon will reveal the username which is signed in. If you do not find the blue icon, then Covenant Eyes has not been properly installed on your machine. Read: “How do I download and install Covenant Eyes on Windows?83

Clicking that Covenant Eyes icon will make a pop-up menu appear. Look at the last line to see if screenshots have been analyzed. 

If you are unable to visit a website and the eye icon is either crossed out or (on older versions) closed, this means your username is not currently signed in. Right-click on the eye icon and then click “Sign in.” Enter your username and password in the small window that appears.