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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi, unfortunately, only the hostname ( can be blocked with Custom Website List. A more detailed distinction is currently not possible, so that you could not block specific subpages/paths/queries (e.g. As far as I understand, CE uses CleanBrowsing to resolve the DNS request and block websites. On YouTube, CleanBrowsing can block individual videos. Hence my question: Who can I contact if I want a specific video to be additionally blocked? Thank you for your answer!

Where am I?

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Hi Simeon! 

Thanks for reaching out to us here in the forum! So the short answer to your question is that specific pages or videos cannot be blocked using the Custom Website List. 1,133Covenant Eyes blocks according the root of the domain, called the “top-level” domain. This means that our filter cannot block or allow specific parts of website - it can only block or allow the entire website. For example, you cannot block "facebook.com61" while allowing ""

Additionally, depending on what Blocking Level you select, we may enforce what's called "YouTube Restricted Mode." YouTube designed and maintains this parental control feature. If you chose our Family Blocking Level, we enable and enforce YouTube Restricted Mode but YouTube controls what videos are blocked or allowed. To read more about how Covenant Eyes® works with YouTube, read our "YouTube and Covenant Eyes153" article!

I hope this helps,


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