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Asked a question last year

hi, so ive been here quite some time now & have built up a expansive block list. ive run into one issue though. Shopping sites are a big issue for me, lots of pornagraphic material yet, there's millions of shopping sites the internet provides. does anyone know how i could avoid this? All advices appreciated.

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Hi Dan. Thanks for your question. By default, Covenant Eyes® isn't going to block a shopping site that isn't explicitly pornographic in nature. As a result, combatting shopping sites would take some work on the part of you or your Filter Guardian in order to get them to block effectively and the only pieces of advice I could give are common sense ideas that you likely have already thought of. First, if there is a site that is a temptation for you, add it to your block list or have your Filter Guardian add it. Admittedly, this will require diligence on your/their part as there are indeed many shopping sites online. 

Additionally, make sure that your Ally is set up to receive your reports regularly and that they are going through to the email on file. Even if a site goes through, knowing that your Ally will be viewing the report later should be a helpful deterrent against temptation.