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Smart TVs
Asked a question 2 years ago

Does Covenant Eyes work on Smart TVs?

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People often ask about Covenant Eyes for Smart TVs and streaming devices. We appreciate the interest and applaud anyone who is trying to manage their digital content! Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, Covenant Eyes does not work on those devices.

However, we can recommend the following:

  1. Address the issue at the router level by using OpenDNS or CleanBrowsing. This decreases the amount of inappropriate content on your wifi signal. But, be aware that other devices which are using Covenant Eyes Filtering may run into conflicts with the filter on the router.
  2. Use the built-in controls. Not all manufacturers provide such a tool but, down below, we’ll provide links to some that do.
  3. Consider getting rid of the device. It may sound crazy, but we talk with people every week who take this step. They do this in order to save a relationship or preserve their own well-being.

While we can’t provide a technical solution for every situation, we stand with you in the fight against pornography.