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Asked a question 5 months ago

CE kills all internet on Mac Montery. I've tried changing the Kernel security to allow system extensions, disabling firewall, changing DNS, flushing DNS, Uninstall/Reinstall, Reboot, connecting to hotspot. Nothing works - as soon as CE is installed the whole internet on the Mac goes down - not even ping and traceroute work.

Where am I?

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Hi Bob, 

Thank you for reaching out! I can help with this situation:

  • Are you using a filtering service? Review our list of incompatible filter services36 and make changes if necessary.
  • Are you using an antivirus program? Review our list of incompatible antivirus programs18 and make changes if necessary.
  • Are you using a parental or device control program? Parental control software doesn't work with Covenant Eyes and can cause the behavior you're experiencing.
  • Are you trying to connect to a work or school network? There may be security features via the network that are blocking Covenant Eyes' ability to connect through the network. If so, I suggest you contact your IT department for assistance!



Hello Bob. 

Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear about that connection issue. It must be very frustrating. It sounds like you are already performing a lot of the basic troubleshooting and testing that I would normally recommend. That being said, if you are able to do so I might also recommend temporarily disabling your filtering (or having your Filter Guardian do so if you are unable) and then uninstalling the network extension to see if that clears the issue. In case it would be helpful I am including an article that walks you through how to disable your filter on an account level. You can find that article here43

I might also recommend giving us a call or chatting with us in order for a more in depth investigation. After speaking with some of my techs they would also be interested in grabbing some logs off that Mac, if you'd be willing. Our Member Care Team is available at 989-720-8000 and chat is available on our website.