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Posts related to the Covenant Eyes app for iPhone®


Robert B
Member Care Agent

Brian, thanks for asking. We have seen weird, seemingly-random issues since iOS 14 rolled out. In some cases, what you did with the VPN didn't help other people who tried that. We now believe there is more than one issue... (More)

Glad you asked, Robert!

Over the past few months, we've heard various reports from our members that after updating to iOS14, they began experiencing significant connectivity issues on iPhones and iPads. These were issues that did not show up in... (More)

Hello Walker. Thanks for your question. The mobile background data section is meant to show highly mature domains in apps other than the Covenant Eyes® app on an iOS device. We will flag any domains that are detected as highly... (More)

Thanks for your question Walker. I have a few clarifying questions for you. First, do you know how many devices your Ally actually has the service installed on? Is 4 too many? Is 1 not enough? Also, how often do... (More)