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Photo of DaveD
twitter loop
Hello-- I recently read a post from someone frustrated at how Covenant Eyes always flags Twitter or FaceBook adds. I understand that. ...
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Photo of Dave
Maps app loophole iphone5
So, there is a way to download apps (and access the internet) despite having turned all restrictions on (app store, safari, youtube, vide...
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Photo of Old_Frog
Steam Downloads Blocked
Steam game downloads are being blocked when the required IP addresses have been specifically allowed. I am currently using windows 7 6...
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Photo of Stephen
Dropbox issues
Dropbox (the app) is being blocked on my computer. Unfortunately, though, they have a ton of subdomains (, client78.d...
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Photo of Emmanuel CzerniewiczEC
Technical infos
Hello I'm a programmer and would like to know different things, how you did them: - How do we do to prevent a program from closing? ...
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Photo of Brent
WP7 Support
I'll put in a vote for WP7 support. Looks like the new mobile OS from Redmond is gaining momentum and it could end up being Android, ios ...
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