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Photo of Robert J KnudsenRJ
Generally easy to install
Illustrate the difference between xP and vista -- many people wil not know. Easy to install. Not specific enough to know how...
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Photo of Bryan Jones
DNS Reroute for iPad
Hello CE. I posted earlier about filtering options, however after some testing, I have opted to go over to OpenDNS. But, I love CE. Be...
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Photo of jdgJ
CE/Social Media Integration
It seems like social media cross-integration is really big, connecting all these difference services to each other, giving them permissio...
  • jdg, 8 years ago

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Photo of CarrieC
Username recovery
You have a button to press if you forgot your password, but it would be nice to have a button if you forgot your username as well. Thanks!
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Photo of cooltruck1C
how about putting an option where you can log in at any time you want but are limited to a certain time say an hour in stead of being all...
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