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As a happy CE user, I am running into a potential problem. I am considering to get an extra job for an international company that lets people work from home. The job is to check online data and see if it is correct, mostly geographical information.

One of the requirements I have to sign, even though I don't know if I will get the job, is the following:

The use of VPNs, Proxy Servers, IP Unblockers, Hosting Services or any software that may route your internet traffic outside of your country of residence are strictly prohibited when working on this program. Do you accept this?

My question: Does CE take all the information I surf for into your servers in the USA, or is the full monitoring local? WHat about the reports sent to the accountability person who is in my country? Does that pass through the USA or not?

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Posted 5 months ago

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Hi Broken Healing,

Thank you for using Covenant Eyes and for asking this question.

That requirement is pretty stringent. So much so, that I'm not sure what programs you'll be able to run. The reason is that many programs, and sites, will pull content from a variety of servers which are located in a variety of locations. In a technical sense, that action is not the routing traffic. But the potential employer might not see it that way.

More importantly, it's easy to think that my computer at my house will pull from the closest server, but that's just not reality. Sometimes a service provider will, for economic and/or technical reasons, route my traffic through servers that are thousands of miles away.

If you are doing work on a computer, the Covenant Eyes client will not be using a VPN. However, if you are using the Filtering service, our client will use CleanBrowsing servers (located around the world) to quickly determine if a site should be blocked or allowed. Again, I don't know how the potential employer will view that activity, if they would consider it a violation of that requirement. Gong back to the last paragraph, even if you're not using the Filtering service, your internet service provider might route your traffic outside your country of residence.

If you are doing the work on a mobile device, both versions of our app use a local VPN. Because the patented technology is very unique, operating systems and other apps simply recognize it as a VPN.  I'm fairly confident that the potential employer would call that a violation.

Bottom line: I do not think the technical stars will align to allow the use of Covenant Eyes if/when working for this potential employer.

If I had an alternative solution to offer, I would. However, I do wish you all the best as you figure out what steps to take. If we can be of some help, feel free to reach out here again, use email ( or use the live chat feature on our website.

Robert B