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I have been having huge issues with covenant eyes and the 24 hour window. I often don't need my laptop for extended periods of time. But then when I try to turn it back on, the internet access is disabled.

Then I try to log in to the internet portal we have, but this requires a constant game of cat and mouse with the filter through restarting it and trying to log in before it turns back on so that when it does turn on it will be able to connect properly.

Yesterday it took over 10 minutes and I restarted the program like 20 x. Is there a way to fix this? or get around it?

I just want to be able to log in to the internet (which requires 2 page visits) so that the software can kick in at the right time.

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Robert Keller

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Posted 6 years ago

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John, Official Rep

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Hey Robert, 

Thanks for taking the time to post this. I want to apologize for the obvious frustration that this is causing for you. Before I can help solve the issue I need to get some more info about what is going on specifically.

Where are you using your computer? Is this at a workplace wireless? 

What version of Covenant Eyes is on your computer? (you can right click on the Covenant Eyes system tray icon and select "about Covenant Eyes" to find out.

When you are not using your computer, are you turning it off or letting it sleep?

I am hopeful that we can get this working the way that you would like it to.


- John
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Ben Price

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I'm having this same problem wherever I try to use hotel etc WiFi zones that require an initial web page login. I'm using version
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John, Official Rep

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If you get the 20 hour message and are having trouble getting online one thing that you can do is try to manually re queue the Covenant Eyes programs login attempts.

In either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox type in


Once you reach this page you will see an option called Re Queue now. This option will force the program to try and send any stale logs again, giving you maybe 1 to 2 minutes longer of the hotspot mode.

You should be able to use that time window to sign into Covenant Eyes (right click and manually do it) and then access the login page of the hotspot.

This will only work if your computer is already locked out, but in our testing it has proven to be successful in allowing members to get online

_ John
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Greg Ward

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Thanks for the information. Having read this and tried to follow your description, I still failed many attempts over two hours to log in to a hotel wifi with a Win7 laptop. The service provider had a two web page access.

I tried the localhost and requeue. It did not seem to give me any time at all. I also could not log into CE since no web connection. If I restarted CE and submitted or refreshed the web page at the just right time, I eventually got on. But that was a long process. So, John, what are the correct steps: 

1) In Chrome: localhost:48867/internal/stats/  2) select Re-Queue now. 3) ?close browser  4) right click on closed eye and login (didn't work for me)  4) ??open browser or tab,      5) hotspot login page appears, interact and submit, 2nd page appears, interact and submit

Please correct my understanding above, as it did not work.

Thanks, Greg

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Joshua Moxon

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I similarly have the same issue whenever I go to a starbucks to study. Because SB requires you to accept an agreement through a webpage but CE won't allow navigation because it can't access the servers. My computer is almost constantly on and connected to the internet through Wifi at work or at my home but it won't let me login to SB (or any wifi that uses a web based access portal).
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Jake, Employee

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Hello Joshua,

Thank you for posting your question here. Connecting to modern hotspots can be problematic sometimes but with a little setup beforehand it should be a breeze.

A little explanation of what you are experiencing: You hit the nail right on the head, Starbucks requires you to accept their terms and conditions before accessing anything else on the internet and likewise, Covenant Eyes must connect to our servers before you can access anything else (this prevents circumvention).  Since free wifi has recently become an integral part of our lives in recent years, Covenant Eyes have made a small change that allows us to work better in these unique networks.  So what is different? Covenant Eyes now gives you a  small window of opportunity to accept the terms and conditions page at hotspots before  signing in to Covenant Eyes.

This alone may not fix your issue though. Here are a few things you can do.

*Right click the Covenant Eyes tray icon and go to preferences. Be sure that Automatically sign me in is not checked.

*Make sure that any programs that use the internet upon start/wake are disabled or at least closed. This could include email clients, web browsers, music or cloud based services. These programs use up that window of opportunity.

*Open up a web browser and wait for the Terms and Conditions page.

*If the page does not appear, try going to another website. The hotspot should redirect you to their page.

*Once you have accepted the terms and conditions you should be able to manually sign in to Covenant Eyes.

If this process does not work for you, restart your computer and try again. Some networks will prevent you from even getting to their terms and conditions page after a certain number of failed attempts. Restarting essentially resets this number.

This set of instructions are meant specifically for hotspot related issues. If you are experiencing 20 hour message in conjunction with a hotspot issue, you will want to include the first two parts of John's troubleshooting steps above.