Who are the "strategic partners"?

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The CE privacy policy states that "We may share information with strategic partners that work with Covenant Eyes only to improve your experience with our products, services, and advertising." I am quite concerned with how my personal data is handled, and CE certainly handles a lot of it. This wording is way too broad. Online advertising is a really invasive practice, as it aggregates huge amounts of personal data. Who are these third parties? What information do they get? Do they get our browsing history? Does CE sell them our data?

Above all, can I even trust CE?
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Posted 2 years ago

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As user myself off and on for many years, to answer whether you can trust CE , is that yes you can trust them. And from experience I would say you would need to worry more about other big Silicon Valley Tech Companies selling your data than you would with Covenant Eyes.

Also peruse the site and blogs and see if you find any red flags. I have found the company to be sincere in helping users with accountability and filtering.

You can read about their history here:


As far as data sharing and strategic partners I would need to let a CE rep answer to that. You can get a support rep by email at info@covenenanteyes.com.
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Hi, Joe. 
And thanks, tekFranz. 

I'm the VP of Customer Service here at Covenant Eyes. I've been with the company since 2012. I began as a Customer Service Representative. I did a spell over on the tech side in project management for a bit. And now I'm back in Customer Service as the VP. I meet 7+ times a week with the other execs, and I have no idea...NONE...what that phrase means in our privacy agreement. 

To my knowledge, we've never shared any user information with an outside entity. As I recall, we emailed our member base encouraging them to participate in a couple of surveys over the years. One was for a Ph.D. candidate doing some research a couple of years ago on attitudes and habits surrounding pornography. The other was for a study we commissioned by the Barna Group on a similar topic.  

I could be wrong, but I think we were the entity sending the email in both cases. 

The trust and privacy of our Members is of the very highest priority to us. This isn't some sterile, far-removed exec speak. The founder/CEO and I had a two-hour discussion today about our company mission, core behavioral values, and the best way to serve our Members in the fight against pornography in the coming months/year. This is the stuff we live and breathe every day. 

I'll look into the nitty-gritty of that phrase and try to get back to you.  But I thought I'd shoot you the information I had for now. I hope that's at least somewhat comfort-giving. 

Patrick Smith
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Thanks, Patrick. That does help. It would be nice if you guys would be more transparent about that stuff in the future. I read privacy policies as part of my job and can understand why you would have that in it as a protection, but it is still a way too broad statement for my liking. That, and the fact that CE records all network traffic and even can screenshot at any time is still concerning to me. A breach would cause a lot of people a lot of harm.

I guess what I would like to see is CE only sending potential issues to the server, not just everything.

For the record, I am not critical at all about CE's service. In fact, I really appreciate what it does. My frustrations come only from performance (which may be improving on PC), unnecessary privacy breaches, and the impact on network speeds. But the accountability service is useful, as well as the filtering.

I would like to see you guys do more local-level stuff so that these sorts of things are not issues.