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I find the current CE reports to be bloated with unnecessary information and less than ideal formatting. I realize that certain sections of the report can be turned off and on which is great, but that is not enough. When I view someones report I generally see already from the subject line who it is for and the one-line summary. I then immediately scroll way down past a bunch of junk and fluff to see the Web Searches and Activity for Review Section. The Android Apps section could have potentially useful information in it but it is far too tedious to analyze and then all that you can do is see how long someone used an app for.

I would prefer to receive a streamlined report with the following parts removed or shoved to the bottom or accessible by links: descriptions under Report Sensitivity Level and Report Evaluation; the "Want to learn more about Internet integrity?" section; the "Once you've finished" section; the "Contents and Ratings" section; the superfluous little descriptions under the titles for each section; the second "Contents and Ratings" section. The address and disclaimer in the footer. These things might be helpful when first viewing reports but afterwards they are just repetitive distractions.

Anything after the actual detailed report section can be there if it wants. The main annoyance is scrolling down past the clutter to find the actual report. It would be great if it could be mostly glanced at without even scrolling. This could be partly helped by not formatting things with such a large font for everything at the beginning, like "Accountability Report", "User", "Report Sensitivity Level" and "Report Evaluation". It is not necessary to have such a large CE logo at the top either.

For the App report section I would like to see a time summary of the apps used during the reporting period, using a graph like the average hourly usage chart. Frequently accessed apps and apps used for long periods at a time would also be helpful to highlight. Nobody has time to carefully read how many minutes people used each app on each day. It is important to be notified whenever new apps are installed, but who needs to see what date every old app was installed on in the App report? And "Time spent using app:" is just textual clutter. All that really matters is the time after the colon, but like I said, it would be better to see a summarized chart for each app rather than a spelled-out daily breakdown for each app.

I realize that reports need to be clear for people the first time they see them, so maybe there could be an option for "advanced users" to get a succinct report.

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Hello Lomacar,

Thank you for all of you suggestions and feedback! I agree our reports do have a lot of information on them, some of it's important, some is not as important. Our main goal is that each Accountability Partner is armed with all of the information they need to properly read and understand the report.

We just recently changed the formatting of our reports and we are always trying the improve it, so I will pass along your feedback to the appropriate department. Thank you again for all of your suggestions; we do appreciate hearing from our members so we can have a product that is going to be best useful for them!

Best regards,
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I really like the idea of a graph showing the time when each app was used rather than total time for the day and especially install date (which seems pretty meaningless when each update to an app moves the install date forward).

The time line would be really useful because, for example, I might use Chrome all day long for work, but at night when temptation is strongest, if my partner saw that I pulled it up at 12 AM it would be a big red flag for them to check in on me.