New feature needed to track blocked sites... We'll call it the "temptation sensor!!"

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One thing I think Covenant Eyes lacks in at times is practicality. Studies continue to come out about the brain and how it operates during times of temptation. When an addict is tempted, the Limbic System turns on, acting as a survival mechanism to the body, telling the body that it NEEDS porn. And yet the only thing that is provided in this software during those times is really a panic button that offers a user the option to shut off their internet. In theory that sounds really nice, but what addict has the self-control to actually do that when serious temptation comes? As a user myself of the software (and many others I've spoken with) I'll tell you exactly my thought process when I'm tempted. "No one's home, now I'm tempted. Oh I can use the panic button... but what's stopping me from calling into Covenant Eyes and restoring my internet right after I shut it off? Nothing. So I guess I won't shut my internet off. Well, I guess I'll keep searching for porn since there's bound to be a hole in the software at some point." Unfortunately, this exact train of thought has led me to falling many times.

In theory the panic button is brilliant. Offer a button that shuts off the internet when you're tempted? Genius. But practically, what addict is actually going to have the strength to use it if they know that they can search for porn for a few minutes, and even with extreme filtering on, there will be a hole in the software? I myself have had this problem as well as many of my friends that use the software. It just isn't practical unfortunately. And to add to that, porn addicts don't care at all if their accountability partners find out, or see a report that shows they've looked at porn. If they're tempted, they're going for it.

This is where I think I have a really solid solution to offer. I've actually only seen this solution offered on one software, and the software itself isn't reliable at all (other than this feature). It's called K9, I'm sure you've heard of it. When an addict is tempted, they don't care if their accountability partner sees their activity report later, and they don't care at all how many times they are blocked by the filtering software if they know there's a chance to find a way through it. That's where my idea comes in. K9 offers a feature that allows you to monitor the number of blocked websites you've had in a specified amount of time, and if you hit that specified number, then your internet is shut off with no way to turn it back on for a given time. That might've been a little hard to understand, but let me give you an example.

I'm tempted at home, and I'm alone. This is my opportunity to look at porn. I don't care how many times I'm blocked, so I just start typing stuff in to see what website isn't blocked on my computer. I've set this new feature up to shut off my internet if 5 websites are blocked within the span of 20 minutes (Just random numbers). So the first 5 websites I look up, I’m blocked on all 5. The moment I'm blocked on the 5th website, I receive a notification that for the next 2 hours, I will not have any internet access. I can't call into Covenant Eyes to get the internet restored, I just have to wait. This 2 hour period totally prevents me from using the internet and has now allowed me to completely get rid of the source of temptation, cool off, and contact a friend for help and prayer.

When I had K9, this tool was totally invaluable, and was my saving grace during extreme times of temptation. So many of my friends and I are begging for this feature to be added to Covenant Eyes, and every time I've called in within the past few years, I've recommended it to the customer service rep. This software add-on would be such a practical tool for porn addicts that don't have the ability to hit the panic button or reach out for help in times of temptation.
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This is a good idea.  

To be fair, I just hit 3 blocked pages trying to read about a new video game that came out & it was just accidental.  So finding the correct amount of blocked sites within N minutes of time can likely vary among users.  However, 5 to 10 blocked sites within a short period of time is probably sufficient to indicate a user is triggered & needs internet shut down.  

Another tilt to this, is blocked pages automatically send "text notifications" to the A/P instead of turning off the internet.  Users may find the internet kill switch as too invasive; but alerting the A/P at that moment may make the user feel like the A/P is standing right behind them.

Thoughts?  Thanks for sharing!