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I have been using Covenant Eyes for years and, while I like the idea behind it, I could never recommend it to anyone. Here are the issues I have noticed:
  • No easy way to whitelist a blocked site. You pretty much have to find the admin and ask for it, which can be too slow.
  • A general spyware feel. I know monitoring is the idea, but screenshots as well? And the inability to remove it without the proper credentials is annoying.
  • People pay for this. It should work.
  • All web data is sent to CE for temporary storage. This is bad for security, as if CE gets hacked a TON of important, valuable information would be stolen.
  • Connection errors. My Internet is nowhere near as unstable as it is with CE. Oftentimes I have to refresh CE, restart CE, restart my computer, and even reset my network settings. This should not be a problem, and it has been going on for years and does not seem to be getting any better.
  • The Firefox extension is not marked as compatible with Developer Edition. And yet the super-annoying popup page still shows. Chrome has, at least in the past, done the same thing, however it continues even with the extension enabled.
  • Did I mention the plethora of connection errors?
  • Very negative performance impact.
  • DuckDuckGo searches are not all handled properly by CE and get blocked. Image searches are particularly problematic.
  • Roll the dice with every update. Recently the Windows 10 default Mail app quit working because the dev team didn't support it.
  • No filtering.
  • DNS issues galore!
  • Forced VPN usage. If a VPN is needed for work, privacy, security, or, believe it or not, INTERNET FILTERING, you are out of luck. I like to use Blokada to block not only ads but also bad stuff. I can't do that with CE. Granted, CE does let you use custom DNS servers, but that is problematic in itself. Different WiFi networks have different IP schemes so your device may be trying to use the wrong device as a DNS server. And then there is the privacy aspect of different DNS servers...
  • It's a resource drain, albeit not as bad as it was.
  • Forced safe mode blocks stuff I know to be OK. And there is no way to disable it, other than killing CE.

I am currently in a situation where I am being forced to use this. I want it to work, as it wastes so much time.
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Posted 2 years ago

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I wounder if ce is being updated at all. The uninstaller has not worked for years now. My advice is to switch to a hardware based solution.
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Hi JB,

To start off with, I'm going to address what is most likely your most important point: our software is a consensual use software. If you are being forced to use it, you can call in and speak to a representative who will assist you in closing your account and removing our software from your devices. This is a breach of your privacy, and as long as you inform a customer service representative that you are being forced to use our software against your will, they will speak to a manager, who will then assist you in closing your account.

As for the other points, there are quite a lot of them to address. I'll take the time to happily inform you, though, that the issues with the Windows uninstaller were rectified as of Covenant Eyes version 7.2.68. Any users on or above that version will not encounter the issues I expect you suffered from in the past. I'm sorry for the frustration that must have caused.
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Some of your issues may have merit, I don't know. I use Mac and iPhone and the experience on both of those has been pretty good. 

"A general spyware feel. I know monitoring is the idea, but screenshots as well? And the inability to remove it without the proper credentials is annoying."

I wasn't aware of a screenshots feature.  At the risk of being rude, do you really need someone to explain to you why someone would need to enter a password in order to remove Covenant Eyes?

I feel bad for the employees at CE, because on one hand they have people bringing up loopholes and possible weak points with the software (and rightly so), then on the other hand when they resolve those issues they get complaints that the software "feels like spyware". 

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I'm glad I haven't had a quarter of these problems with CE.

The purpose of CE is to foster transparency between you and an accountability partner. As Mark said, if you're being forced to use CE, this purpose is not being accomplished. If CE is being used as auditing software, someone missed the memo.

For those of us willingly using CE, inconveniences are a small price to pay for accountable device usage.

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JB, I empathize with some of your pains. We're working to address several of them even now. I echo Mark's sentiments, though--compulsory use of Covenant Eyes just isn't what we're built for!

Chance, I appreciate your comments. We're ever-aware of our shortcomings and working to shore them up. You articulated the fine line we try to walk very well. 

Luke, your closing sentence made my day. I past it on to my colleagues here for them to see. Thanks.