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Yet again another problem since the latest Droid update. I keep getting logged out of C E completely Then I am unable to use my phone at all. I do not have my username and password. My wife has all that information so this problem renders my phone useless until I get back to her. The Google play app we had wasn't reporting ingognito logs so we were asked to do the beta testing. With this beta testing it logs all background stuff (mostly junk we don't care about), VPN key always shows and isn't something I want viewed by others, I can easily turn VPN off and work with it for a few minutes so the VPN popup stops displaying and I can do whatever I want, and now I'm completely signed off of CE with a useless phone.

I'm about to discontinue my subscription and switch to xwatch. This program has become useless to me and my family!
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Posted 5 years ago

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T Sav,

First of all I want to say thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I understand that you are frustrated with the way Covenant Eyes is interacting with your phone, and appreciate the trouble you have had using it.

Generally speaking, our software was never intended to be used in the situation where a user does not have access to their username and password. We have special account restrictions that we can help your wife enable to prevent access to account settings & uninstall codes, but as you have experienced not having access to your username and password can be problematic. We at Covenant Eyes  highly recommend that you and your wife give our customer service team a quick call so that we can help you setup your account in a way that should make it both easier and more secure to use. (It will not cost anything to call or to make the changes)

About the Android beta...

The beta version is still very much in development, which is why we have not fully released it into the Google Play Store yet. Things like being able to turn the VPN off and work for a few minutes will likely be gone long before the app is fully production ready.

On Android we are attempting to do something that has never been done before, complete device accountability without relying on root access or a custom rom. Put another way, we want to be able to monitor and report on all activity on your device using only an app from the Google Play Store & not requiring you to modify your phone's operating system to gain system level access. This is groundbreaking work in the accountability market and unfortunately that means it takes time to develop. The Key icon that you are mentioning is an Android indication that VPN technology is in use. Unfortunately there is no way for us to turn off the key, Android forces it. (it is worth noting that our app leverages VPN technology but is not actually a VPN... and is not constrained by the limitations of traditional VPN setup)

At the end of the day, we are working hard to make a product that is going to help you protect yourself and your family. I understand your frustration that things are not yet finished, and honestly I feel the same way. My direct work everyday is involved with the Android project and I am excited for the day when we have finally squashed the bugs and fully released an awesome product. Until then, we are doing what we can to put our software into the hands of our users so they can help us shape the future of Covenant Eyes. If you want to be a part of that, we would welcome your continued contribution.

- John (User Experience Practitioner: Mobile Team)