is it safe to have your own Apple ID?

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I currently do not have access to my apple ID because even though I had "installing apps" turned off on my iPhone, and someone else had my iPhone 4 digit pin number there was this weird loophole in iTunes. iTunes would not allow me to add an app to my phone manually, but if I downloaded an app in iTunes, and then synced NEW music onto my phone, the apps would get carried with the music despite the setting restricting installing apps. Not having my apple ID is getting increasingly frustrating with the advent of iCloud, and so many Desktop Apps moving to the App Store, so just installing a program on my computer requires my Apple ID. It seems like this loophole doesn't exist any longer. Can anyone confirm that? If there's no loophole, as long as someone else has my pin, and installing apps is restricted, it shouldn't be a problem for me to have my Apple ID, right?
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I don't know the answer to the loophole question, but one thing to keep in mind is that there is a history of everything you've installed under your Apple ID, that can be viewed from iTunes. When I look at mine, it shows everything I've installed, including music, apps, etc.., going all the way back to 2004. I haven't checked to ensure if there is anyway to clear this out, but I would bet not, simply because Apple wants to make it easy to retrieve past purchases of anything.
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I've now tested the waters here, and this is in fact a safe way to proceed. So my Apple ID password has been restored to me, but my iPhone 4 digit lock pin I don't know. "Installing Apps" is restricted so that the App Store is not available on my phone. I am able to download Mac Apps to my MacBook, I am able to purchase music and whatnot in iTunes, &c. because I have my Apple ID password. I am also able to download iPhone Apps to my MacBook. And now that Apple is doing this wireless syncing option, which is turned on on my iPhone, as soon as I go to download an app, a box pops up on my phone saying "you've bought an app, do you want it to automatically sync to your phone?" At this point, my heart fell because I thought this would be yet another loophole. So I hit "yes" hoping I was wrong, but determined to see it through to the end. Lo and behold, the app showed up on my screen, but WOULD NOT DOWNLOAD! It just perpetually said waiting. I left it up there for hours, turned my phone off and on, and tried Wifi and 3g. Nothing would make that app download except (I presume) my pastor typing in my four digit pin and turning on "Installing Apps." Fantastic!
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Thanks for sharing this, JD!